Dog Walking

Exercise helps reduce or eliminate anxiety and problem behaviours, provides mental stimulation, and contributes to your dog's overall health and wellness. I can help provide that much needed exercise with private, on-leash walks done in and around your neighbourhood, and Modern Wolf walks are always GPS tracked, which gives you peace of mind; report sent to you via mobile app upon completion.


Pet Sitting check-in

Going out of town? Working long hours? My pet sitting check-in service ensures your pet still gets the care they need while you’re away, all while staying in the comfort of their own home.

What's included: feeding, potty break, water refresh, walk or indoor playtime, cuddles, brushing, litter box/accident clean-up, medication administration and anything else your pet may need while you're away. Daily update sent to you via mobile app. If requested, can also provide house sitting duties such as bring in your mail, water plants, etc.


Pet Care Visit

This is a great option for puppies as a mid-day visit while you're away at work can help reinforce potty training, relieve boredom, and accidents that do happen are cleaned up quicker. Senior pets can also benefit from this service as they may need more frequent potty breaks or need to take medication at a certain time.

What’s included: potty break, water refresh, accident clean up, medication administration and TLC. Update sent to you via mobile app.


Please note that services can only be booked after the meet and greet has taken place.